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The word “Advent” is from the Latin and means “coming”.  In the church, Advent is the 4 weeks before Christmas.  We use that time to prepare our hearts, lives and homes to celebrate the Birth of Jesus – who is our Emmanuel –God with us in flesh. 


Jesus’ words and actions are how God demonstrates his love and truth and way of salvation most clearly.  Throughout scripture we are called to be ready, to be prepared, for His coming.  Advent is thus a time of reverence, joy, celebration, meditation, prayer, worship and generosity – all in the Spirit of our Savior Jesus.


1st Sunday of Advent - December 3, 2023

Lighting the Candle of Hope

2nd Sunday of Advent - December 10, 2023

Lighting the Candle of Peace

3rd Sunday of Advent - December 17, 2023

Lighting the Candle of Joy

4th Sunday of Advent - December 24, 2023

Lighting the Candle of Love

Christmas Eve - December 24, 2023

Lighting the Christ Candle