New Mexico Mission Trip

New Mexico Mission Trip



Yard Sale - Week of August 29 & Sale September 3

Firewood – Week of September 4 - September 12



Navajo Nation, Torreon and Ojo Encino Chapters



Torreon Navajo Mission & Rancho del Chaparral Girl Scout Camp near Cuba, New Mexico



6,522 ft. at Torreon 7,900-8,200 ft. at Girl Scout Camp



50-85 in August 40-76 F in September



On your own while traveling to and from. Rooms/Dorm at Mission and cabins at GS camp with beds/showers



On your own to and from the camp



Travel to and from New Mexico



Haul yard sale items, set up for sale, cut/split/haul firewood



Blankets/sheets/bedspreads, jackets/coats/sweaters, pots/pans, small kitchen appliances, towels, tools, auto supplies, small furniture, bikes, beds/good mattresses, dishes, and curtains /shades/rods.  


For more information on either of these trips, please pick up a flyer or information sheet in the Welcome Area at Lighthouse Church or select the link below.  Thank you for helping to serve the Navajo community in New Mexico and all of your support.


Anyone interested in going should contact Wayne or Dee Young as soon as possible so plans can be finalized. Each person the age of 18 years and older must complete a background check before going.

Wayne/Dee Young [Phone: (913) 307-6662 or (913) 269-1632   Email: ]  


Click Here for Detailed Itinerary & Registration