New Mexico Mission Trip

New Mexico Mission Trip

March 2023


When: Week of March 11 through March 19

For: Navajo Nation Firewood and other Services

Where: Rancho del Chaparral Girl Scout Camp and Torreon Navajo Mission near Cuba, New Mexico

Elevation: 7,900-8,200 ft. at Girl Scout Camp 6,522 ft. at Torreon

Temp Range: 55-24 F in March

Lodging: On your own while traveling to and from, Cabins on site with beds/showers (Backup plan for inclement weather.)

Transportation: On your own to and from the camp

Cost: Travel to and from New Mexico

Work: Cut and split firewood for Navajo, possible other activities


Anyone interested in going should contact Wayne or Dee Young as soon as possible so plans can be finalized. The Personnel Committee of Lighthouse Church has required each person the age of 18 years and older to complete a background check; therefore, commitment deadline is February 26!

Wayne/Dee Young [Phone: (913) 307-6662 or (913) 269-1632   Email: ] 


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